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Terms and Conditions

1. No type of bots / cheats that try to manipulate the faucet system are allowed.
1.1. VPN, VPS or Proxy connections are not allowed.
1.2. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
1.3. Login to a country other than the one of registration is not allowed (If you registered from a country, you must always login from there)
2. For faucet to work properly it is important that «Ad Blocker» and all kinds of ad blockers are disabled from your browser. Also from your browser the redirection and opening of new windows and pages that our faucet system tries to open must be allowed. If you have to make any changes to the default configuration of your browser, go to the settings, and then to the website settings and select the necessary permissions for our site.
3. On some occasions the tap may be underfunded for a claim. Please be patient and wait for the necessary funds to recharge to use again.
4. The faucet claim is automatically credited to your Faucetpay account. If any errors happen, please be patient and try again later. If you continue with an error in the accreditation of the claim, make sure that all the necessary requirements mentioned above are met, so that the faucet works correctly. We are not responsible for errors that may arise after a faucet claim, as well as any failure in the system for crediting funds in your faucetpay account.
5. Our website is a non-profit community project, which aims to contribute to the cryptocurrency community. All the funds of our site are distributed among the users and in the maintenance of the site with their hosting and maintenance expenses, with the aim of offering a cryptocurrency converter, as well as graphics and tools to keep the community and users informed. frequently visit our site. Use the faucet as a means to join the crypto community and have fun collecting small units of bitcoin.
6. By participating in our site, in any of its pages and sections, you accept the terms and conditions mentioned above.